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1984Received Bachelor of Architecture from Cooper Union
1985Established private practice in Tokyo
1993-95Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Tama Art University
1995-00Consultant of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
1995Established NGO (VAN)
1995-99Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Yokohama National University
1996-00Adjunct Professor of Architecture at Nihon University
2000Visiting Professor of Columbia University
2000Visiting Fellow of Donald Keen Center, Columbia University
2001-Professor of Keio University


New York State Registered Architect


1999-Green House (Southern Europe)
1999-CICB I Boat House (Pouilly en Auxois, France)
1999-Plywood Structure 04 Gymnasium
2000-Paper Art Museum
2000-Oka Residence
2000-Forest Pavilion, Kew Garden (London, UK)
2000-CICB II Institute Museum (Pouilly en Auxois, France)
2000-House of Furniture 04
2000-Ueda Studio
2000-Doi Building
2000-Hanegi Annex
2000-Schwartz Residence (Connecticut, USA)
2000-Bamboo Furniture House 01 (Beijing, China)
2001-Villa Ohtsubo
2001-Condominium Building (Portugal)
2001-Yan Pei-Ming Studio (Dijon, France)
2001-Private Art Museum (Brussels, Belgium)
2001-Multihouses (Mulhouse, France)
2001-Forest park Pavilion (St. Louis, USA)
2001-The houses at Sagaponac (Long-Island, USA)


1985S. D. Review '85
1986Design Competition for the redevelopment of the Shinsaibashi, Osaka
1986Display of the Year,ĦĦJapan, "Emilio Ambasz" Exhibition
1988Display of the Year,ĦĦJapan, "Alvar Aalto" Exhibition
1988Osaka Industrial Design Contest, L Unit System
1988S. D. Review '88
1989Arflex Design Competition
1993House Award, Tokyo Society of Architects
1995Mainichi Design Prize
1996Innovative Award, Tokyo Journal
1996Yoshioka Prize
1996JIA Kansai Architects
1996Ecoplice House Competition, IAA (International Architects Academy)
1997The JIA Prize for the best young architect of the year
1998Tohoku Prize, Architectural Institute of Japan for Tazawako Station
1999ar+d, Architectural Review, UK for Paper Church
19994th International Festival for Architecture in Video by IMAGE, Italy
1999Architecture for Humanity, U.S.A. for Paper Loghouse
2000Akademie der Kunste (Berlin Art Award), Germany
2001The Prize of Japan Society for Finishing Technology, for GC Osaka Building
2001Gengo Matsui Award for the Japan Pavilion
2001World Architecture Awards 2001: Europe Category, Public/Cultural Category for the Japan Pavilion
2001Nikkei New Office Award, for GC Osaka Building


1985"Emilio Ambasz" Exhibition design, Axis Gallery, Tokyo
1986"Emilio Ambasz" Exhibition design, Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA
1986"Alvar Aalto" Exhibition design, Axis Gallery, Tokyo
1986"Judith Turner" Exhibition design, Axis Gallery, Tokyo
1986Villa TCG, Tateshina, Nagano
1987Villa K, Tateshina, Nagano
1988An Architect's Studio, Tokyo
1989Osaka Shipyard re-development master plan
1989Muramatsu Residence, Tokyo
1989Takahashi Residence addition, Zushi, Kanagawa
1989Paper Arbor - Paper Tube Structure -01, Design Expo'89, Nagoya
1989"Emilio Ambasz" Exhibition design, Musee des Arts Decoratifs
1989"Zanotta Furniture Show" Exhibition design, TEPIA Gallery, Tokyo & Montreal, Canada
1990Villa Sekita, Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi
1990Odawara Pavilion - Paper Tube Structure -02
East Gate - Paper Tube Structure -03, Odawara, Kanagawa
1990Villa Torii, Yatsugatake, Nagano
1991Studio for Vocalists, Tokyo
1991Library of a poet - Paper Tube Structure -04, Zushi, Kanagawa
1991I House, Tokyo
1991Villa Kuru, Takeishimura, Nagano
1992Housing at Shakujii Park, Tokyo
1992PC Pile House, Jurigi, Shizuoka
1992Complex by rails, Tokyo
1993Factory at Hamura ? Dengyosya, Tokyo
1993"Emilio Ambasz" Exhibition design, Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo
1993House of Double-roof, Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi
1993Yoshida House, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
1994House of a Dentist, Tokyo
1994Issey Miyake Gallery - Paper Tube Structure -06, Tokyo
1994"Emilio Ambasz" Exhibition design, Triennale di Milano, Italy
1994"Emilio Ambasz" Exhibition design, Centro Cultural arte Contemporaneo; Mexico City
1995Furniture House, Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi
1995Curtain Wall House, Tokyo
1995Paper House - Paper Tube Structure -05, Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi
1995Paper Log House - Paper Tube Structure -07, Kobe, Hyogo
1995Paper Church - Paper Tube Structure -08, Kobe, Hyogo
19952/5 House, Nishinomiya, Hyogo
1996Furniture House No.2, Fujisawa
1997Tazawako Station + Community center, Akita
1997Wall-less-House, Karuizawa, Nagano
1997Hanegi Forest, Tokyo
1997Paper Stage Design, Kabukiza Theater, Tokyo
19979 Square Grid House, Kanagawa
1998Paper Dome-09, Gifu
1998Issey Miyake Paris Collection Stage Set Design, Paris
1998Ivy Structure House, Tokyo
1998Furniture House No.3, Kanagawa
1999Nemunoki Art Museum, Shizuoka
1999PaperTube shelters for refugees in Rwanda - Paper Tube Structure-10
2000Paper Tube Loghouse in Turkey - Paper Tube Structure -11
(Emergency relief project after West turkey earthquake in 1999)
2000Ivy Structure No.2, Tokyo
2000Paper Arch in MoMA Garden - Paper Tube Structure-12, New York, USA
2000Expo 2000 Hannover Japan Pavilion - Paper Tube Structure-13, Germany
2000GC Osaka Building, Osaka - Wooden Fire Protection-01
2000Naked House, Kawagoe
2001Paper Tube Loghouse in India
2001Day-Care Center: Plywood Structure-03, Odate, Akita
2001Veneer Roof House, Isumigun, Chiba
2001Reversed Shutter Gallery PAM-B, Mishima, Shizuoka
2001"Creators of Hiromu Hara Awards-1" Exhibition design, Mishima,Shizuoka


1986Interior Light - J. T. Series, Daiko
1988Multi Purpose Exhibition Panel, ITOKI
1993L Unit System, Nishiwaki Kohso
1998Carta Collection, Cappellini


1986Book Design, Judith Turner, Photographer
1987Calendar Design, Judith Turner, Naka Kogyo
1987Book Design "The Garden for Rabbits", Mutsuro Takahashi


1984Japanese Designer in New York, Gallery 91, New York
1985Adam in the Future, SEIBU Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
1985S. D. Review '85, Hillside Terrace Gallery
1987Tokyo Tower Project <40 Architects under 40>, Axis Gallery
1988Models from Architect's Ateliers), Matsuya Gallery, Ginza
1989Neo-Forma, Axis Gallery
1990Virgin Collections, Guardian Garden
1990Last Decade 1990, Matsuya Gallery, Ginza
1993Chairs by Architects, Hanegi Museum
1993GA Japan League '93, GA Gallery
1993Hardwares by Architects, Hanegi Museum
1994GA Japan League '94, GA Gallery
1994Architecture of the Year '94, Metropolitan Plaza
1994GA Japan League '95, GA Gallery
1995Paper Church, Matsuya Gallery, Ginza
1995Paper Church and Volunteers, INAX Gallery, Osaka
1996Paper Church and Volunteers at Kobe, Kenchikuka Club
1997Resurrection of Topos 3, Hillside Terrace Gallery
1997GA Japan League '97, GA Gallery
1997Stool Exhibition 3, Living Design Center OZONE
1998Architecture of the '98,
1998GA House Project 1998, GA Gallery
1998'97 JIA Prize for the best young Architect of the year
1998GA Japan League '98, GA Gallery
1999GA House Project 1999, GA Gallery
1999SHIGERU BAN, Projects in Process, Gallery MA, Tokyo
1999Future Show, Bologna, Italy
1999ARCHI LAB, Orleans, France
1999Shigeru Ban, Ifa, France
1999Cities on the Move, Hayward Gallery, London
1999Un-Private House, MoMA, New York, U.S.A.
1999Paper Tea House, Space TRY, Tokyo
2000Paper Show by Takeo & Nippon Design Center, Spiral Hall, Tokyo
2000Venice Biennale, Italy
2000Japan Pavilion, Renate Kammer Architektur und Kunst, Germany
2001GA House Project 2001, GA Gallery
2001 Recent Projects, AEDES East Forum, Berlin, Germany


1997"GG portfolio, Shigeru Ban", Editorial Gustavo Gili, S.A., Spain
1998"JA30, SHIGERU BAN", The Japan Architect, Japan
1998"Paper Tube Architecture from Rwanda to Kobe", Chikuma shobo Publishing Co., ltd., Japan
1999"SHIGERU BAN, Projects in Process", TOTO Shuppan, Japan
2001"Shigeru Ban" Princeton Architectural Press, USA

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