Tsunami Seminar

  1. Identification of ancient tsunami events using tsunami deposits
  2. Contents of today's talk
  3. What should we do against the tsunami disaster?
  4. How can we predict the next tsunami event?
  5. 1. Ancient documents
  6. Rupture zone(1)
  7. Rupture zone(2)
  8. 2. Tsunami deposits (stones)
  9. Formation Process of Tsunami Deposits
  10. Records of ancient tsunami events are in the bottoms of land, lake and sea!
  11. 2. Tsunami deposits (stones)
  12. Presence of marine planktons
  13. Upward fining layers
  14. Sedimentary structures reflecting influence of currents
  15. Cross lamination: the case of tsunami
  16. current directions
  17. Example : Study of Recurrent Interval of Tsunami
  18. Topic 1: The Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary asteroid impact event
  19. Discovery of impact crater in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico
  20. K/T boundary impact was an oceanic impact
  21. Distribution of tsunami deposits around the impact site
  22. Presence of tsunami deposits in Cuba, Mexico, USA...
  23. Tsunami generation mechanism at the K/T boundary
  24. Wave height of tsunami around the impact site
  25. 2. Tsunami deposits (stones)
  26. Measurement of tsunami wave height
  27. Erosion of beach sands by tsunami waves
  28. Distribution of Indian Ocean tsunami deposits
  29. Topographic map
  30. A1: 40 m away from the shoreline(1)
  31. A1: 40 m away from the shoreline(2)
  32. A1: Grain composition
  33. Tsunami stones
  34. Tsunami stone can be recognized from satellite
  35. Summary
  36. Q1 from ITB
  37. Q2 from ITB
  38. Q3 from Brawijaya