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freeman face Special Lecture for University of Tokyo
Directions in Wireless Research

Dr. Kevin Kahn

Intel Senior Fellow
Director, Communications Technology Lab
Corporate Technology Group
Intel Corporation

Date and Time

June 9th, 2006 (Friday) 16:30- 18:00

Video and Materials

Lecture Video - 6/27/2006 up
Lecture Material (pdf, 8Mbytes)
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Dr. Kevin Kahn is an Intel Senior Fellow and Director of the Communications Technology Lab, a corporate advanced development and research lab in Intel's Corporate Technology Group responsible for all communications technologies including radio, optical, and copper physical layer technologies, CMOS communications circuits work, packet processing, and higher layer protocols. Additionally, he helps drive communications strategies and policy for the corporation. Some of his primary current focus areas are broadband access to the home, wireless LANs and PANs, spectrum policy, and related Internet issues.

Internet Broadcasting

This lecture will be broadcasting from University of Tokyo to Keio University, then to 20 Universities in Asia through SOI-Asia/AI3 Network.

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