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Director, Network Operations
@Home Network

Elise Phebus Gerich




■ 略歴 ■

    Elise Gerich is Director, Network Operations for @Home Network. Her responsibilities include the responsibility for the implementation, deployment, operation, and managment of the @Home Network. She joined @Home in August 1996.

    Prior to joining @Home, she was an Associate Director of National Networking for Merit Network Inc. Gerich was currently a Co-PI for the Routing Aribiter Cooperative Agreement from the National Science Foundation. Previously she was a Co-PI on the NSF's NSFNET Backbone Project Cooperative Agreement which provided support for design, operation, and management for the NSFNET backbone network and related activities. She joined Merit in December of 1987 in support of the NSFNET II award and served as Systems Project Coordinator on the Merit team which provided routing consultation, transition planning, and technology upgrades for the T1 and T3 NSNET II backbones. As Internet Engineering Manager at Merit, she led the transition from the NSFNET backbone to the new NSF Architecture, and led two other research projects sponsored by NSF. Her responsibilities have focused on technical interfaces and policy interactions between mid-level networks, sister Federal agencies, and international network research organizations.

    She represents the National Science Foundation at Federal Engineering Planning Group meetings, serves as the North American co-chair of the International Engineering Planning Group, and is a member of the Internet Architecture Board. She has served as a member of the program committee for INETs 92, 93, 94, and 95.

■ 主要著書

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