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About copyright problems

This whole web site is copyrighted to the WIDE University, School on the Internet.
Copyrights for videos also goes to the lecturer and the place where he had a lecture.

These lecture materials and videos are streamed by SOI (School on the Internet) with consent by lecturers. Please do not try to make profit by these contents,or obstruct our project.

We welcome you to have links to this page on your web site. When doing so, please use the index page, ( and please do not link directly to the images and videos.

In this page, we are using the same materials used in the actual lectures. Because of it, there might be something that are copyrighted and are not supposed to use them in the web.

Please understand that this is a project for "future education," and that they are used for educational purposes.

We appreciate your corporation.

If there are any problems at all, please contact us at

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