Business Plan Contest at SOI Asia 2009
- Building the future from Asia -

Winner: T-file team, ITB
January 6th, 2009 11:10-12:40JST
2nd qualification results and winner team name are now open. Please refer item number 10.

1. Purpose

SOI Asia is happy to host a business plan contest on coming January 6th, 2009, to cultivate the environment for the potential entrepreneurs in the region and to prepare and efficient fund matching opportunity with research asset originated from universities. This contest is hosted by SOI Asia Business Platform LLP that engages in entrepreneur assistance, and supported by Keio University Incubation Center. We wish to promote the entrepreneur development by the students, faculty members, researchers and graduates from the SOI Asia partner institutions through this contest.

2. Theme for the Business Plan Contest at SOI Asia 2009

There are no restriction for the topic of your business ideas as long as they are based on your research outcomes.

3. Submission Procedure

Please download this format and fill in your ideas to be submitted from the following file uploader by December 9th, 2008, 23:59JST
You can also use your own format, but we strongly recommend that you use the provided format. You can find an example of a business plan from the Entrepreneurship and Business Lecture series 2nd lecture material(pdf)
    File Uploader
    Title :
    ex) Your Name (Organization)

    File :
    English File Name Without space

4. Evaluation Process

    Evaluation is done based on this sheet: SOIAsiaBusinessPlanContest2008EvaluationSheet_final.pdf

    We will invite prominent specialists as judges from many fields: e.g. IT technology, Management, Intellectual Property, Financial Sector, Accountant and University faculty members. The details of the judges and advisors will be announced on this web shortly.

5. Evaluation Process

  • 1st round: Judgements based on the submitted documents
    The result will be announced on this web on December 16th, 2008.
  • 2nd round: Judgements based on the presentation
    The qualified submitters who won the 1st round will be asked to give a 10 minutes presenattion on January 6th, 2009 11:40 - 12:40JST.

6. Prize

The prize of this contest is a latest personal mobile computer, which will be a helpful tool for you to present your business plans to find investors and business partners as an entrepreneur. You will also receive enlightening advice to your business plan.

7. Lanugage

The documents and presentations should be in English.

8. Judges

  1. Mr. Dy Rado (UHSC)
  2. Prof. Dr. Abul Kashem Mia (BUET)
  3. Mr. Seila Nuon (ITC) ? Last Business Plan Contest Winner
  4. Dr.Shuhaimi Shahnon (USM) Deputy Director of Centre of Policy Research and International Studies (CenPRIS)
  5. En. Shafie USM - School of Management's lecturer
  6. Dr. Bal Krishna Shrestha (TU) - Associate Professor of Management
  7. Prof.Ilka Kauranen (AIT) - Visiting Professor at Business School
  8. Aulia Khusnul Arif (ITB) - Entrepreneur from CNRG, ITB
  9. Mr. Khamphong Khongsomboon, head of Electronic Section, department of Electronics, faculty of Engineering (NUOL)
  10. Dr. Taufik Fuadi Abidin (UNSYIAH)
  11. Prof.Jun Murai (KEIO)
  12. Prof.Jiro Kokuryo (KEIO)
  13. Dr.Satoshi Kabasawa (KEIO)
  14. Prof.Keiko Okawa (KEIO/SOI Asia Business Platform LLP)
  15. Director /Assstant Prof.Masaki Umejima (SOI Asia Business Platform LLP/KEIO)
  16. Mr.Takane Nakamura (Vice President, Internet Research Institute)
  17. Dr.Shoko Mikawa (NTT Communications Corporation)

9. 1st qualification result


  • First, we are very honor to welcome over 10 great tech-entrepreneurs for the second business contest at SOI Asia.
  • Second, the quality of this contest is extremely higher than the previous year’s, so we are considering how to support the other applicants who could not pass this 1st evaluation process.
  • Third, If your plan is qualified at this 1st round, 2nd Round is the presentation judges, so you need to prepare 10 minutes presentation, using the business plan which you had already submitted for the upcoming contest from 11:10 to 12:40 JST of Jan 6th 2009.


  • Team"T-files" at ITB
  • T-files become an alternative energy company which has full commitment to provide nonconventional energy to the world.

  • Team"iConference" at USM
  • iConference is a video conferencing system uses audio, video and data telecommunications in order to gather people around the world for a face-to-face meeting together.

  • Team "Online Office Solution System" at Institute of Engineering, TU, Nepal
  • Online Office Solution System is a knowledge based knowledge automation system that manages the most common information stored in an office filing cabinet and other activities

  • Team "Remote Interpreter Service" at Keio
  • Remote Interpreter Service (later RIS) is aiming to bridge interpreters live abroad to the Japanese clients who want to hold global events for non-Japanese speakers, using the Satellite-Internet network

10. 2nd qualification result and winner

2nd qualification evaluation points

Among 21 judges, we have received evaluation sheets from 18 judges.
Judges scored your plan in the scale of 1 to 5. 1is low and 5 is high.

1. Entrepreneur Evaluation
a) Entrepreneurship Mind:
b) Attractiveness of the Entrepreneur and the management team
c) Vision, Mission, and Philosophy as a company
2) Business Model Evaluation
d) Statement on the Novelty
e) Statement on Sustainable Competitive Advantages
f) Statement on Market
g) Statement on Marketing Method
h) Statement on Feasibility of the Business Plan
3) Finance Plan
i) Statement on the Future Financial Plan
j) Statement on the Necessary Funding and the Objective of the Fund
4) Extra Points
h) Attractiveness as an Investing Target
i) Past Accomplishment/Experiences
j) Extra Points

Score of each team

Here is the score of each team:
  • 1st: 45.13/65 (69%)
  • 2nd: 40.93/65 (63%)
  • 3rd: 39.71/65 (61%)
  • 4th: 38.19/65 (59%)


  • Team T-file at ITB, Indonesia

You are the winner of 2nd business plan contest at SOI Asia 2009, congratulations!

11. Useful Information